You Could ask Adishakti Appaji any Question and Adishakti Appaji will reply you through the Divine Stone. Some of the Questions asked to Adishakti Appaji are as follows

1. Over Debts (Financial crisis) ?
2. Serpent Curses ?
3. Family Problems ?
4. Family Dieties Curses ?
5. Husband and Wife Problems ?
6. Navagraha Doshas ?
7. Marriage Obstacle (Right time marriage) ?
8. Black Magic Problems ?
9. To get children (Santhana Prapthi) ?
10. Physical and Mental Problems ?
11. Misunderstanding Problems ?
12. Land and House Problems ?
13. Job problems (To get right placement) ?
14. Bad Spirit Problems ?
15. Incurable Diseases ?
16. Peace of Mind ?
17. Incurable Diseases ?
18. Business Loss and Struggle ?
19. Professional Disturbances ?
20. Educational Obstacles ?
21. Court and Legal Problems ?
22. Bad Luck and Accidents ?
23. Overseas Opportunities ?
24. Unexpected Luck and Success ?

Devotee Speak

My daughter marriage was not happening and was also tense due to a Malefic doshas in his Astrology report. Adishakti Appaji tells by his divine voice that the marriage will occur in three months and the bridegroom is from California from and a good decent family, at that time we didn't realise the Adishakti Appaji power, but on next month they came from California voluntarily and propose their willingness, all of a sudden we realise the divine power of Adishakti Appaji, it's a great miracle. Now my daughter got married and settled in California and live happily with her husband. Thank you Adishakti Appaji. Your blessings required always to us.

- Srinivasan, Chennai.

"Adishakti Appaji when i asked you a divine voice, you told me that I will get a abroad job in March, and that my prospects for marriage would also improve then and you got perfect soul mate that what you expect, Just like you said, I got a new job in the middle of March in UAE, and for the first time in my life, I just met somebody who likes me a lot. Can you tell me if we are compatible for marriage?"

- Karthik, UAE.

We got married 9 years before and suffer from childless problem. We undergo many hospitals and get treatment but no use at all. Finally doctor says "Hereafter god only will give" after heard that my wife become upset and she is unwell. One day we came to know about Adishakti Appaji while on browsing online, Suddenly my wife want to meet Swamiji immediately, but we are living in Canada, it's not possible to meet him immediately I told. But she get the contact number and call Adishakti Appaji immediately and tell him about the present situation, Adishakti Appaji hear all this and tell the divine voice that "she will conceive within three months and it will be a boy child". Yes it came true, within two months she got conceived and now she give birth to boy child. We really happy, that day in our life will be most happiest day. We thank to Adishakti Appaji immediately by phone. Still now we didn't meet Adishakti Appaji personally, next month we go and meet Adishakti Appaji personally with my newborn baby and got blessings from him. Thanks to Adishakti Appaji.

- Arun & Sangeetha, California.

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