About Adishakti Appaji

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Sri Atma Gnani Adishakti Appaji, the great and matchless divine charm of Love, and compassion for the entire humanity, enlightens all people about the basics of morality. Sri Adishakti Appaji is a god in human form.

Appaj was born at Dharwad in a traditional Hindu family. At his young age, he joined Indian Airforce to serve his nation. Appaj has done several good work being at airforce like healing people, helping them in spiritual life, giving meaning to their life. Throughout his life Appaj has been a spiritual leader. After getting retired from the Indian Air force, being served for the nation Adishakti Appaji decided to continue his divine work for the rest of his life. After retiring from Airforce, his inner conscious Adisahkti made him to purchase a farm house at Neralakatte near Dharwad, Karnataka. From the day one, he has felt some spiritual highness in his conscious.

One fine day Adishakti Appaji has decided to work in his farm. While he was working along the day, Adishakti Appaji found a stone hitting his way on the farm field. He thought something particular on his way, so he thought to execute it out. He had put his hands on the stone and pulled it strongly on his way. The stone didn't come out from the field. Adishakti Appaji tried his complete strength to take it away from the field, but still no use. The stone is still attached with the land. The day went so, Adishakti Appaji went home and slept. On that day in his dream, Goddess Devi AdiShakthi has appeared and explained him that, it is not an ordinary stone, it is " The Divine Stone ". Adishakti Devi is the one who is residing inside the divine stone. She continued further, this Divine Stone has come to him to help the humanity; you could ask any question to the stone about the future and lift it, if it happens true then the Divine stone comes light. If not, then the "Divine stone" becomes heavy, no one could lift it up. And she continued, Adishakti Appaji is the incarnation of Devi Adishakthi herself, given birth in the form of Adishakti Appaji to help the 21st century generation.

Adishakti Appaji has all the high wisdom, knowledge and power to enhance and enrich the humanity. He is the divine grace with the power of healing the physical and inner pain of people. We are fortunate to have him to help us. Everyday hundreds of people get Adishakti Appaji blessings and solutions for their entire life problems. Many eminent leaders like L.K.Advani, Shri Narendra Modi, founders of L&T, cricketer Jawahar Srinath have come with their family to get his blessing and healing.

AdiShakti Appaji has travelled a wide way all across the globe. Many times he had been to visit countries to heal people and great Leaders to serve the mankind. He has toured many Indian cities like Ahmadabad, Haridwar,Delhi, Punjab, Bangalore and all other parts of India.

Places visited

  •    Brisbane,
  •    Queensland
  •    Australia
  •    Melbourne
  •    Victoria
  •    Australia
  •    Washington
  •    District of Columbia New York
  •    Sydney